After more than 11 years, I’ve decided to move on from Google, to work on personal, creative interests.

I’m going to take a little break to recharge, and then likely build a prototype of a music synthesis game. I’m in a bit of stealth mode about the details for now, but will certainly write more about it in time.

I plan on continuing my open source projects, especially xi and my other Rust efforts.

I’m hoping to dust off my Spiro ideas, maybe build a simple Web-based font editor, maybe make some more fonts. Inconsolata has definitely been the most gratifying creative endeavor I’ve done, and I really look forward to having time to do more stuff like that.

I like writing, so plan on posting to this blog even more. The last post on undefined behavior was something of a trial run to see how I liked it. I do. That said, I’m somewhat disillusioned about social media, presence in instant-messaging spaces, and so on. I’d like to spend more time in face-to-face contact. So if you’re reading this and are either based in or visiting the Bay Area, send an email. And if you’re interested in some intersection of Rust, audio, and gaming, definitely get in touch.

I’m not interested in traditional job offers (or VC-funded startups). I’m taking at least the next year away from that world. Either I’ll have a sense that my game idea is likely to be a hit, or I’ll decide to go back to “real work” at the end of that time. That said, I might be interested in consulting gigs, if the project is interesting enough or pays well enough that I can subsidize my artistic pursuits without it taking the bulk of my time. In particular, I have decades of experience with patents (including patent-busting), have been an expert witness, and suspect there’s a demand. But I’m not actively looking for anything; I definitely wouldn’t want it to get in the way of my game. I’m also fairly open to speaking gigs.

I will miss being at Google. It’s one of the most capable, passionate group of people ever assembled. I was worried that I’d succumb to my tendency to isolate, but I’ve been consciously reaching to my network, and I think it’ll be ok. That’s part of why I’m writing this blog. If my interests resonate with you, if you think we have something to learn from each other, get in touch and I’m happy to have a coffee or whatnot.

Off to my new adventure! Watch this space for updates.